Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Scrappin Fiesta

 Us in front of the back drop.  Carrie always has a theme and a back drop for that theme.
Sandy couldn't help but ride the donkey (pinata).  LOL!! 
This is Jane and  Mary Beth.  Two wonderful friends.
 The three amigos!  Lol!  This was Becky's (in the middle) first time at one of the retreats. 
 This is my new friend Paula in the top photo.  She is from Ohio.  I just love her.
This was all of the stuff that Becky and I brought with us.  She said, "there is no way all of that stuff is gonna fit on the luggage rack".  I said, "oh yes it will".  I proved her wrong, it all fit. LOL!
 As you can tell I couldn't quit laughing at Sandy.  She kills me.  Where ever she is ther eis fun to be had.  We always have the best time.
Of course she had to make out with the cardboard Mexican.  LOL!


  1. just had to talk about my boyfried, hahaha....

  2. haha-love these, Tina! Looks like you had a blast...I wish there were events like that here and fun scrappy people living close enough to go with!