Saturday, October 31, 2009

I just finished 5 new layouts on Thursday. I left them out on my kitchen table because I was going to post them on my blog and on facebook. I get up this morning and the edges of my layouts are chewed up. My cat had chewed up the edges of all of my new layouts except one, he didn't chew the one on the very bottom. I guess he ran out of time to chew it up. I have to keep my door to my scrapbook room closed at all times and keep my stuff hidden from him. He is like a dog.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today I went to my friend Sandy's house to explore the possibilities of the Sure Cuts Alot program, which she has already purchased. I am sold. A few hours with her and exploring all the possibilities, I don't know why anyone one wouldn't want one. After we finished that she helped me with my blog and my signature on my emails. I later on hooked up my wireless mouse to my laptop and got on my Design Studio which by the way is brand new. I finshed up 5 layouts today also. So, I feel like I have actually accomplished some things today.